ICM Ju 88 A-5 1/48

By Patrik Spett

ICM Ju 88 A-5

I started to build this kit and looked for some advice but found that allmost all reviews are of the look-in-the-box type. It is beyond my imagination how you can accurately review a kit by just looking at the sprues, like testing a car without driving it.

Now, I'm an armour builder but I'll do my best to be fair.


The cockpit isn't overly detailed but ok. The pilots seat is split in two parts and it is difficult to sand that seam. The area in front of the pilots instrument panel lack detail which is visible thru the front canopy. ICS supplies 3 different versions of the front canopy and two versions of the top canopy. You also get 6 machineguns to play around with. The windows in the gonola are sunken in and to get this right sanding is required inside the gondola, something I didn't do.


The two fuselage halves firs quite good and not much sanding is needed. There is a part in the middle of the top fuselage that is sunken in but can be corrected with some sanding inside the fuselage. The tail wheelhouse lacks any detail.


Fully detailed engines are supplied  but the are no details in the wheelhouses. The engine exhausts are not for the A-5 version, rather A-4. The airintakes around the spinners lack detail but are dark in color and not really that visible.


I like it that the decals are thin and conforms well to the surface. There are 4 marking options. No swastikas supplied, not even those split in halves and I did not even order it from Germany, so I ordered a decal set full of swastikas for 1/48 planes from a Polish company, no problem.


Not many Ju 88 out there in 1/48 to compare with as the latest offerings from Revell, Hasegawa and Special Hobby all use this ICM tool. If you want to build a detailed Ju 88 then you have to get aftermarket sets for cockpit, wheelbays and engine exhausts. But it was fun to build , perfect for my skill level.

Patrik Spett

November 2017

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